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I took my 1961 Mercedes 190sl to Rick today for a front end alignment.  I was concerned that with an old car would the alignment would be difficult to get correct and the parameters wouldn't be in their system.
Well, the parameters were in the system, Rick walked me through the alignment process and corrections and I was out in under an hour. Great service, friendly, clean shop and good price.  I'll definitely be back with the next car

I brought my 09 Honda Fit in yesterday to get an alignment done. Not only were the workers there super helpful and friendly, they let me watch them work and showed me what they were doing. They couldn't get my car perfectly aligned to Honda's Standards, but they did their best and told me when I get a new tire on the front left side, they would do the alignment for free. (my current tire is bald and showing threads) I even left something personal there and received a call that they had found it and would hold it for me. If you need an alignment, this is definitely the place to go!

This is my second alignment with Rick and Debbie (possibly nicest people I have ever met, let alone in this industry).  First time was for a fresh up, second time 8 months later was following a complete suspension install.  They treat my Audi TT with great love and expertise.  When a tie rod was immovable,  due to age, they let me go repair it with my Audi guy and bring it back for a second alignment finish off. Their machine is as good as it gets, 3D laser, 4 wheel.   Their print out is incredibly detailed,  describing all aspects of the camber, angle and vehicle specs for alignment.   Def recommend to anyone for alignment,  and more.  The machine and tech are so good I think any caliber car could be addressed!

After hearing the price, it set me back a bit. 100$? I was a bit unsure, but one of my consciences told me to just go for it. I think it forgot that I was a broke college student.  I came in and was welcomed with all smiles. The wait was very short -- roughly 25 minutes. I guess my alignment was so off, they had to tell me more than 3 times how off it was and kept questioning me on what I must have hit.. How embarrassing. After driving out of the lot, I saw an unbelievable difference in the way my car was driving and handling. Its so great how smooth my car rides now. The price may be a set back for some people, but its worth it -- friendly, quick, and great service.

It does not get any better then this shop, They are the best at what they do and have a fair price for their work.

Just picked up my car after the 100,000 mile service.  I really can't say enough great things about this place or the mechanic!  He saved all of the old parts to show me and talked me through what he found as he did the service.  So happy I found this place!  I saved $ over Toyota and got to speak with the extremely competent mechanic myself.

I recently brought my Toyota 4Runner in for a brake check as it has over 120k miles and still on the original brakes.  I dropped the vehicle off in the morning and within an hour or so received a call from them.  They were surprised that the SUV still had about 30% left on the brake linings, and all I needed was a brake flush. I appreciate Pro Alignment & Brake's honesty and professionalism.  When my SUV does need brakes I would not hesitate bringing my vehicle back there.  Plus, their prices seem reasonable compared to the dealership and other repair places.

I have been going to  Pro Alignment & Brake for well over 10 years and I keep coming back.  Mr. Ko is trustworthy.  He will not do a repair that is not necessary.  I always have one older car Mr. Ko keeps running.  He does what is necessary and discourages me from doing anything unnecessary even if I'm initiating the idea.  More than once I have picked up my car and a little something extra was done without charge and often without even mentioning to me, a broken light, a scuff buffed out etc...  I have sent many friends over the years to Mr. Ko at Pro Alignment and they all keep coming back.  Can't find a better endorsement than that. I highly recommend Pro Alignment.

I have been having repeated alignment issues on my six year-old car. After several unsuccessful efforts to fix my steering and relatively poor handling at high speeds I stumbled on Pro Alignment. Paul (owner) and his wife run this independent shop and finally took care of my poor old vehicle. Pro performed a full four wheel electronic alignment, re-balanced all four tires and inflated my tires to manufacturer specification levels. The Shop is very clean and my car is running better than ever. I highly recommend Pro for any alignment, tire or general automotive needs at very reasonable prices.

They are a bit pricey, but the thoroughness and care was worth it.  Hence the 4 stars instead of 5.  I had my car aligned and purchased new tires at a national chain (think "hot rocks" as I don't want to slander them).  They just don't always have the depth of knowledge a place that specializes in front ends possesses.  It came out in worse shape than it went in with. I brought my car to Pro Alignment and Rick the mechanic showed me exactly what the issue was. He didn't try to sell me anything I didn't need. He advised me what else was wrong, and did not try to sell me on it all. They take appointments and are willing to give rough estimates for standard repairs over the phone.

Great, fast, efficient, friendly, descriptive, detailed.

I went in to get my tires aligned and I couldn't be more pleased with the treatment I received. Very fast service. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. They had a state of the art shop with high-end equipment but they didn't charge me high-end prices.

Great service, very professional.

Update 9-11-12: These guys just confirmed my previous rating and increased their credibility. Just put a new set of tires on the 4Runner so I took it in for a 4 wheel alignment. I was the only customer in the shop at the time. It's up on the rack and the guy tells me, "This alignment is already as good as it gets. You don't need one." A very reasonable $35 for alignment check, didn't scroll me for the full $100 job when they had the chance. I recommend these guys.

I love this place. I have been going there for an oil change since a year or so. Not sure why someone would think they are pricey, because when I shopped around and asked a quote on some specific thing, quote from this place was the least because they would need only 30min to do the job, where as other shops including the dealership wanted over 1hr.

My highly complimentary remarks are limited to company honesty. I do not yet have experience with the firm's repair work. I took my four year old Honda Accord in for brake work. (I had a coupon from the Mercury News.) I had a brake noise with one wheel. In prompt fashion I received a call telling me that the conditional of all pads was fine, and there was no charge for the front and rear brake inspection. They said there was likely an irregularity in the brake pad material that was causing some noise. It was not a safety concern and that the noise should disappear with additional driving. The noise did indeed disappear. I had been ready to spend money to have the noise eliminated, but their advice was that there was no safety issue and they specifically encouraged me to drive some more before deciding to have work performed. Good, honest advice. I now appreciate the honesty of Pro Alignment & Brake. (FYI: The previous brake work was done at Los Gatos Honda using Honda parts, and the pads remained quite good after 60,000 miles.)

OMG! I was told to go to another alignment place but they didn't answer their phone so I came here.... Friendly lady at the front greeted me quickly and took my car right in even though they had just opened moments before, Rick the owner did the alignment in less then 15 min! Wow I'll be back here for sure if I need anything else.

Very nice friendly people who work here I own a shop down the street and sub out all of my alignments to them. It is very hard to find a trust worthy alignment shop or one that  knows how to manipulate chassis adjustment to make a vehicle drive straight . I am sure it is difficult to learn these tricks but Rick is the man ! He has made many of our customers happy with his work unfortunately we are a smog shop and just don't have the space for an alignment machine.

Extremely knowledgeable, very clean garage and all the modern equipment you expect to see.  My 2001 BMW 530i was starting to get a little sloppy on the freeway- definitely wasn't the car I bought 10 years ago.  Paul spent about 1 hour on my car, test drove it twice  and really spent the time to dial everything in.  Now my car tracks perfectly straight and steers like a new car.  My bill was a little over $100. and I thought it was well worth the price, actually it was a great deal.  In the world of BMW it's impossible to get 1 hour of expertise for $100.  Avoid the big tire shops and go to Pro Alignment- excellent service, excellent results, family owned.

i found out about them on Yelp, i made an appointment , i went yesterday met them, they worked on my car, friendly, fair, quick, fast , liked their service, i was there only for alignment , i will go back again, short and sweet :)

If you're looking for an alignment place that does the job right, does the job in a timely matter, and does work you can trust then I highly recommend Pro Alignment. Not only is Rick and awesome guy, but he's also a 49ers fan (which could have contributed to him being awesome initially)!

Ran into a berm in my Miata so I had to get it realigned. They did it while I waited (!) and allowed me to ballast the car to get optimum alignment.

As advertised. called ahead, was told 30 minutes and it was. car is smooth, comfortable and easy to handle. thanks very large!!